In 1980 there was a film directed by Stanley Kubrick, "The Shining" and 2 years before this designer Saul Bass drew posters for this film. We now have the opportunity to follow the process of their creation.

Hand and bike are too irrelevant

Title look bad small.

Looks like ink didn't take on to part that goes light

looks like science fiction film

hard to read even at this size

Maze to abstract and too most emphasis in maze

Title see comment #3

Don't like artwork

hotel locks peculiar also artwork too spread out, too sprawling. Not compact enough

I don't like the dots for the logo. It will not look good small. Even the size above is difficult to read

Maze and figures places too much emphasis on maze. I don't think we should use the maze in ads

Title see #3


october 10, 1978

Dear Saul,

Tried to ring you a couple of times without success. Have very little time due to filming. I hope this note will suffice. My reaction to the ads you sent is that they are all beautifully done but i dont think any of them are right. My specific comments art noted on the stats I'm returning with this note. May I suggest that the way to proceed is to do A GREAT MANY PENCIL ROUGHS so that we can agree on the basic art work idea before you spend a lot more time bringing a very few ideas to a stage pretty close to a finished piece of art. I think this might also get us going a lot sooner. Many editions of the novel are being published which would use our logo, once we agree on it. By the way, what happened to the face version which you showed me in London?

If you want to discuss this, I suggest you phone me in London time, on 9534366.

Best Regards,


Stanley (Kubrick)

CC Andy Fogelson


I would luke to suggest it is a film of terror (and the supenatural)


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Rejected Posters Saul Bass for the film "The Shining" with commentary by Stanley Kubrick.

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